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As a member of the CSR Limited family, our policies reflect the commitment by CSR Limited to protect the rights of all website visitors. 

Here you can learn how our policies protect you in a range of ways including links to the CSR Limited privacy policies.


Access to the TechOnline service provides CSR’s customers with the ability to access their transactional information. Users of TechOnline must be registered to access the service. Registration will require the customer to provide their email address and mobile phone number (optional). This information is used for the express purpose of providing notification services via email or SMS if the customer decides to use the service.

CSR collects information regarding what pages customers within the TechOnline service access. This information is used for the purposes of statistical analysis, capacity planning and research on usage patterns to further improve the service.

All transactions within the TechOnline service are protected by Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) 128-bit encryption if the browser supports it and if not 40-bit encryption is used.

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